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Victorian Police

CMIB Insurance Services are proud supporters of the Victoria Police via the Police Association Journal. The Victoria Police was established in 1853. It provides policing services to the Victoriam community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working to keep over 5.9 million Victorians safe. 

Through the combined efforts of the Police workforce, they give effect to their mission to ensure a safe, secure and orderly society through:

Preserving the peace

Protecting life and property

Preventing offences

Detecting and apprehending offenders

Helping those in need of assistance.

Police Values

Flexibility - remain open-minded at all times, be adaptive to change, while welcoming difference and practicing tolerance.

Leadership - be approachable, consistent, committed to, and inspire these organisational values in others.

Integrity - act with honesty, respecting the right of fair process for all, maintain confidentiality and respect for those we deal with, demonstrate moral strength and courage, and behave with honour and impartiality.

Professionalism - accept responsibility, be accountable to our customers and ourselves. We must communicate honestly, openly and consistently and continually strive for excellence.

Respect - embrace the diversity that exists within our community, valuing opinions while appreciating and acknowledging the efforts of others.

Support - recognise and reward the service of our colleagues, and promote professional and career development. At all times, we must care for the wellbeing of our colleagues.


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